ISBN 9789351032373,Scholastic Discover More: Ancient Egypt (Scholastic Discover More Series)

Scholastic Discover More: Ancient Egypt (Scholastic Discover More Series)


Penny Arlon


Scholastic Books



Scholastic Books

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789351032373

ISBN-10 935103237X


Number of Pages 80 Pages
Language (English)


A visual guide to ancient Egypt for newly confident readers.

This book is packed with exclusive photos so that kids can see ancient Egypt like never before. The images are accompanied by time lines, step-by-steps and cross-section graphics for original and startling insights into pharaohs, mummy making and pyramids. Most of all, the book encourages children to think for themselves, Was King Tut murdered or did he die of natural causes? Can you decode hieroglyphics and read the Book of the Dead?

In ancient Egypt Arlon gives readers interesting facts about tombs, treasures, lost cities, mummies and the history of Egypt. As readers and listeners journey into the ancient world of Egypt they will find themselves intrigued with the history of this sacred land as well as all the accomplishments of the Egyptians. Accompanied by vibrant photos that demand your attention, Arlon includes maps, interactive games and hieroglyphics to decode as well as instructions about how to make a mummy and how to build a pyramid. Arlon presents us with a lot of "fun facts" that show how creative and inventive the Egyptians were with many common things we use today. Some of which include eye makeup, paper, as well as lock and keys. There are pages devoted to the history of politics as well as the mystical element of the famous Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt. Topics and facts build on each other leaving readers with a feel and thorough understanding of how life was more than 3,000 years ago. All the elements of this book lend itself to a well-rounded introduction to Egyptian history and mythology and is highly recommended for use by parents and in classrooms. Because Arlon does not go into lengthy descriptions about each topic, this book makes a great steppingstone for young readers as well as reluctant readers. For young readers who are intrigued with mummy stories, Scholastic has provided them with a free digital book.