ISBN 9789381970584,Secrets of Astrology Everybody Must Know

Secrets of Astrology Everybody Must Know



Gullybaba Publishing House

Publication Year 1899

ISBN 9789381970584

ISBN-10 9381970580


Number of Pages 142 Pages
Language (English)
Secrets of Astrology Everybody Must Know Astrology is the subject almost all Indian are inquisitive about. A bit of awareness about astrology is essential for our daily mundane and this book introduces you with them. This book is primarily based on scientific explanations of astrological theories. The book has been penned down by Dr. S.S. Gola an eminent astrologist. The book unfolds hidden secrets of astrology, help readers enhance their problem solving skills with Astrological approaches and initiates a comparison between astrology and other branches of sciences. Read this book to understand complex astrological phenomenon you have been wondering all this while. The book is ideal one to understand astrology, its history and various schools and theories involved. The significance of the book becomes all the more pivotal as it includes astral remedies and strengths of planets