ISBN 9788121205092,Self-Education: A Gandhian Perspective

Self-Education: A Gandhian Perspective



Gyan Publishing House

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788121205092

ISBN-10 8121205093

Hard Back

Number of Pages 178 Pages
Language (English)


The purpose of this inquiry in the philosophy of education is to get clearer about some aspects of self-education which is a form of education that is self-directed by the individual, produced in deliberately conducted experiments and gained through experience. The conceptual aspects of self-education are those which are breaking up the self-educative process into features like choosing, deciding, and doing. It normative aspects are examined with the help of an hypothesis on what self-education ought to be, namely a means and an end following a humanistic line in though and action. The inquiry is undertaken in a Gandhian perspective, i.e., it attempts to demonstrate some principal features of Gandhian though without following their each and every detail. It is at times even a criticism of Gandhian thought and obeys in this the Gandhian desire to examine ruthlessly to arrive at truth