ISBN 9788129135926,Sept - Opus : Adventures of an Almost - Octopus

Sept - Opus : Adventures of an Almost - Octopus


Jyotin Goel


Rupa & Co



Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9788129135926

ISBN-10 8129135922


Number of Pages 112 Pages
Language (English)


Introducing a brand new superhero, Rot8, the octopus with seven and ahalf limbs and a belt-full of amazing tools.
Rot8 lives with his octopus family and other water creatures in the Goa Sea World. All his friends other than Tumboo the turtle, his best friend, make fun of him because of his seven-and-a-half limbs. When an accident lands Rot8 in the lab of vet Reena Renaldo and the mad scientist Zubbu Zwami, he finds himself outfitted with a number of attachments for his half-limb. These amazing add-ons, combined with his phenomenal intelligence and amazing speed soon turn him from a not-quite octopus to a super octopus. Rot8 and Tumboo now set forth on their adventures. A clumsy workers mistake leads to sharks and killer whales being let loose in this underwater utopia. Can Rot8 save his friends from getting eaten by Rakshus the hungry killer whale? Or will he end up as a whale-snack himself? The first in a series of adventures featuring Rot8 the Sept-opus, this hilarious story will have readers rooting for this unusual superhero.
Very funny, warm, filled with memorable characters and with a nail-biting finish! - Juhi Chawla