ISBN 9788128838002,Sermons in Stones

Sermons in Stones




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Diamond Books

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788128838002

ISBN-10 8128838008


Number of Pages 605 Pages
Language (English)

Indian Writing

Osho does not provide a code or morality to live by. This book contains no discipline on how to live one's life. It demonstrates that if man regains the sensitivity and intelligence that he is born with, he has no need for anyone to tell him the way. He can allow life itself to be his master: available to existence, and even to the silent sermons in the stones. Osho succeeds in putting the wordless into words. From his mystic viewpoint, such clarity is possible for all. Indeed, it is vital for every person, so that out of that awareness he can start to live not to live a life that is an imitation of anyone, but a life with its own unique flavor. Also to be found in this book are words essential to the survival of modern man: Osho's formulation of human rights for a new humanity. It is an exploration of the individual's responsibility for creating the world in which he lives.

About the Author
Osho offers a revolutionary approach to the eternal quest that mankind carries within. As he says: Life has intrinsic value, there is no goal outside it. Hence my whole effort is to change everything into playfulness. To me that is real spirituality.