ISBN 9788129120984,Shakespeare In Kabul

Shakespeare In Kabul



Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788129120984

ISBN-10 8129120984


Number of Pages 240 Pages
Language (English)


A Comprehensive Handbook About A Commonly Occurring Yet Frequently Ignored Malady, With Treatment And Self-Help Options Presented In An Easy-To-Understand Manner. Anemia Affects An Estimated 400 Million Women Across The World, Most Of Whom Dont Recognize Its Symptomsshortness Of Breath, Fatigue, Weakness, Headaches And Lapses Of Concentration Mistakenly Attributing These To The Stresses Of Modern Life. Anemia Can Lead To Infertility, Premature Delivery In Pregnant Women And, In Severe Cases, Fainting And Mental Confusion In Women Of All Ages. Caused By Low Levels Of Hemoglobin, Anemia Is Both Preventable And Treatable. In Anemia In Women, Joan Gomez Discusses The Different Types Of Anemia That Can Occur At Various Stages Of Life, As Well As The Prevention, Treatment And Self-Help Options Available. This Book Addresses: Anemia In Babies, Children, Adolescents And Women Over Fifty; The Types Of Anemia, Including Iron-Deficiency Anemia And Pernicious Anemia; Why Severe Anemia Is Sometimes Mistaken For Senile Dementia In The Elderly; How Women Can Help Themselves, And The Various Treatment Choices Available To Them. About The Author Joan Gomez Md, Has Conducted Research And Clinical Work On The Overlap Of Psychiatry And Physical Medicine And Has Written Several Books On Womens Health, Including Thyroid Problems In Women And Children.