ISBN 9781408313053,Shakespeare Stories X 16

Shakespeare Stories X 16


Hachette India



Hachette India

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9781408313053

ISBN-10 1408313057


Language (English)

Literature fiction

About the Book: Shakespeare Boxset Boasting 16 of William Shakespeares most popular and enduringplays, this brand new collection features more Shakespeare Storiesthan ever before. From the tragedy of Macbeth to the humour of MuchAdo about Nothing, this superb collection of paperbacks makes anexcellent introduction to Shakespeare for younger readers. Thetales have been retold using accessible language and with the helpof Tony Rosss engaging blackandwhite illustrations, each play isvividly brought to life allowing these culturally enriching storiesto be shared with as wide an audience as possible. This Boxset Include These Titles 1. As You Like it 2. Richard-3 3. Othello 4. Much Ado About Nothing 5. The Tempest 6. Macbeth 7. Henry-5 8. Hamlet 9. Antony and Cleopatra 10. Romeo and Juliet 11. Twelfth Night 12. A Midsummer Nights Dream 13. Julius Caesar 14. The Taming of the Shrew 15. The Merchant of Venice 16. King Lear