ISBN 9788184541458,Shiva Origins and Iconography

Shiva Origins and Iconography


Dr. H N Bajaj






Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788184541458

ISBN-10 8184541457


Number of Pages 110 Pages
Language (English)

Iconography, subjects depicted in art

Shiva occupies a premier position in Indian mythology as an important member of the Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Worshipped across India, and the theme of exquisite sculptures, bronzes and paintings, he comes across as a puzzle- a mahayogi, an ascetic, a maverick loner god who lives in crematoria, a loving father to sons Ganesha and Skanda, a husband to wife Parvati, a combination with Vishnu as Hariharan, and a unique place as Ardhnarishwar. To add to the mystery that is Shiva is the recognition of his existence as an aniconic lingam, nestling within Shakti, that is venerated by millions, thus converting inscrutable ambiguity into tangible reality. The iconography of Shiva and its implications and meanings in mythology make for a fascinating study. How did the concept of Shiva evolve? And how is it linked with the worship of Shakti? This book attempts to trace the evolution of the God with the blue throat or Neelkanth. It looks at what makes him such an enduring and endearing icon of Hindu mythology. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dr. H N Bajaj is a doctor who lives and works in Delhi. His interest in religion spurred him to write this book.