ISBN 9788188452163,Skill With People

Skill With People


Giblin Les


Embassy Books



Embassy Books

Publication Year 1968

ISBN 9788188452163

ISBN-10 8188452165


Number of Pages 48 Pages
Language (English)

Literary theory

Skill With People is designed to help readers learn to effectively communicate whatever they have in mind, and hence build their relationships both on a personal and professional level. This is essentially a manual that teaches its readers how to get people to listen, how to influence others and how to improve business relations. The book concentrates on the one underlying tenet that is true of all people, that is the fact that people are only interested in themselves. This is not to say that people are self centered, it is just that their perspective is that way. Hence, Skill With People argues that if the reader wants to be heard, then he or she must first take interest in the other person, thus establishing a successful rapport based on trust. One of the best things about Skill With People is that it is very short. The book is to-the-point and explains all that the reader needs to know regarding how to communicate well, whether it involves asking the boss for a raise or speaking to the spouse about an important investment. Whether the reader is a salesperson looking to improve sales, or a businessman to whom it is essential to close a million dollar deal, Skill With People is a simple way to understand how to improve one's people skills to one's advantage. About Les Giblin Les Giblin was born in Iowa in 1912, and went on to work with the Sheaffer Pen Company in the 1940s. Other books by Les Giblin include How to be People Smart and How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing With People. Les Giblin has conducted several thousand of seminars for companies like General Electric, Johnson & Johnson and Caterpillar. His audiovisual programs are also very popular, with companies registering their employees by the thousand. He was a door-to-door salesman, and was awarded the National Salesman of the Year in 1965, and he has used his experience as a salesman to write this book.

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