ISBN 9788181892584,Small-Scale Layer Production

Small-Scale Layer Production


IBDC Publisher



IBDC Publisher

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788181892584

ISBN-10 8181892585

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Language (English)

Engineering: general

A Question And Answer Method Of Presentation Is Adopted In This Book Wherever Appropriate With Maximum Emphasis On Practical Aspects So That The Farmer Can Easily Locate For His Question And Find A Solution Quickly; Scientific Reasons Are Made As Simple As Possible So That The Literate Farmer Will Be Able To Understand Them. Details Regarding Record Keeping, Profitability And Insurance Of The Broiler Farm Are Given In Addition To The Information On The Rearing Of Broilers.

It Is Hoped That This Publication Would Be Useful To The Farmers, Who Want / Can Only Start A Small ? Scale Broiler Unit, As A Handy Ready ? Reckoner On Various Aspects Of Production Activity.