ISBN 9780000000056,Social History of Kerala: The Pre-Dravidians, Vol.I

Social History of Kerala: The Pre-Dravidians, Vol.I



Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 1968

ISBN 9780000000056

ISBN-10 0000000051

Hard Back

Number of Pages 208 Pages
Language (English)


Kerela-nestling between the foamy coastline of the Arabian Sea and the tall mountain ranges of the Western Ghats-has in her population people of various grades of civilisation, from the most primitive to the most highly advanced, and is of peculiar interest to students of anthropology. In this monograph, the first of a five-volume series entitled Social History of Kerela, L.A. Krishna Iyer deals with its earliest inhabitants-the hill tribes who have been classified as Pre-Dravidians, and whose population now is well over two lakhs. He provides a lot of material on their geographical environment, traditions of origin, occupation and modes of livelihood, racial affinities, economic conditions, dietary, dress, and other aspects of material culture; compares the results of his serological work with those of other anthropologists; and discusses such important questions as the occurrence of a Negrito strain among some of the tribes, the effect of contact with other peoples, and population growth. Marriage and the family, social and cultural structures, religion and mythology, taboos and exogamy are all described vividly, and amplified by comparisons and evaluations. The author, who has been connected with anthropological work in the State for long, has studied the aboriginals with sympathy and acre, and writes with deep knowledge and scientific accuracy. The book is the fruit of many years of study, and should interest not only students of anthropology, but also intelligent lay readers, for it presents material essential for an understanding of the life of the primitive folk of Kerela.