ISBN 9789382688280,Social Science Lesson Plan

Social Science Lesson Plan



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Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789382688280

ISBN-10 9382688285


Number of Pages 149 Pages
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Social Study Lesson Plan CONTENTS COVERED 1. Introduction 2. Teaching of Social Study 3. Different Lesson Planning Ashoka, The Emperor who gave up War 6th Class The Solar System 6th Class Government 6th Class Major Land form of the Earth 6th Class Mughal Dynasty 7th Class Structure of the Atmosphere 7th Class How the State Government Works 7th Class Life in the Desert 7th Class Delhi under Colonial Rule 8th Class Minerals 8th Class Understanding Laws 8th Class Major Crops 8th Class Causes of Poverty 9th Class Ecosystem 9th Class Fundamental Rights 9th Class Population 9th Class Impacts of Globalisation in India 10th Class Energy Resources 10th Class Communalism 10th Class Means of Transport 10th Class 4. Micro Teaching 5. Lesson Planning based on Microteaching Weather 6th Class Advertisement 7th Class Freedom Struggle of 1857 8th Class People as a Resource 9th Class 6. Become an Ideal Pedagogue