ISBN 9780195681468,Software Engineering Fundamentals

Software Engineering Fundamentals



Oxford University Press

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9780195681468

ISBN-10 0195681460


Number of Pages 688 Pages
Language (English)

Computer hardware & operating systems

The book elaborates the concept of software development as an engineering process. Designed to introduce readers to the environment where software products are developed, this book elaborates the concept of software development as an engineering process. Software metrics (attributes) are defined and utilized to measure the properties of software products and manage their manufacturing. Software production is described in full detail, and many of the interim products of this process are described with enough specifications to permit the creation of a fine draft by the reader. The use of models for estimating size, cost, and reliability, scheduling, and risk assessment is encouraged, and explicit guidelines are provided for virtually any task a software engineer may be assigned. Salient Features Offers extensive coverage of software metrics, reliability, resource estimations, risk management, planning, text and integration process, and technical management. Introduces the notion of using sofware metrics (attributes) as a management tool to evaluate and control the development process. Provides explicit guidance for virtually every task that a software engineer may be assigned. Uses realistic case studies and examples extensively to reinforce conceptual material. Encourages the use of modeling techniques while emphasizing the need to calibrate models with actual data and includes separate chapters on real-time software and human factors. TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction. Overview of System and Software Development Life Cycles. Case Studies. Technical Planning. Analysis and design. Software Specifications and Requirement Analysis. Software Specification Tools. Software Development Environment. Software Design . Object-Oriented Analysis and Design. Implementation and Maintenance. Fundamentals of Coding. Software System Test and Integration. Module Level Testing. Debugging. Software Maintenance and Maintainability. Software Metrics or Attributes. Software Attributes and Their Estimation. Software Development Resource Estimation. Software Development Risk Assessment and Containment. Reliability. Software Quality and Quality Assurance. Special Topics. Real-Time Software. Human Factors in Software Engineering.