ISBN 9788174762146,Sons And Lovers

Sons And Lovers


Voyant Publishing



Voyant Publishing

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9788174762146

ISBN-10 8174762140


Number of Pages 496 Pages
Language (English)

Academic And Professional

Sons And Lovers begins with describing the meeting of Gertrude Coppard and Walter Morel. Gertrude comes from a cultured family, while Walter is a miner. After a whirlwind romance, they tie the knot. The romance soon fades as Gertrude is unable to run the house well on Walter's low income. With Walter spending all his time at the local pub, she soon shifts all her affection to her eldest son, William. William has ambitions of his own as he grows up. When he begins to feel stifled by his mother, he moves away and eventually gets engaged despite his mother's disapproval of his fiance. Upon his untimely death, a devastated Gertrude turns her attention to her younger son, Paul. Sons And Lovers then focuses on the relationship between Paul and Gertrude, and how his ties with his mother begin to affect all the other relationships in his life. Paul falls in love with Miriam, and they enjoy spending time with each other having intellectual discussions on art and literature. But, Gertrude is not happy about this budding romance. Paul later meets and falls in love with another young woman, Clara Dawes. He forgets all about Miriam and an affair between Paul and Clara ensues. Even this relationship is doomed to be short-lived as Paul cannot detach himself from his mother. What happens when Clara's husband Baxter finds out about the affair? Will Paul ever be able to find love amid interference from his mother? About D. H. Lawrence D. H. Lawrence donned many hats in 20th century literature and was a dramatist, novelist, poet, and critic. He has penned classics such as Lady Chatterley's Lover, Odour of Chrysanthemums, Women in Love, The Man Who Died, The Lost Girl, and The Rocking-Horse Winner. His writing style was uninhibited. His works revolved around relationships and modernization. He was born in England in 1885. He went on to acquire a teaching qualification from the University College Nottingham. He travelled a lot as a means to escape the bitter memories of war in Britain. His first stint with writing began with poems. He later wrote short stories and eventually complete novels. Although he drew flak from critics of the time, he is now highly regarded as a pioneer of modernism in literature.