ISBN 9788120341937,Special Functions And Complex Variables : (Engineering Mathematics Iii)

Special Functions And Complex Variables : (Engineering Mathematics Iii)



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Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788120341937

ISBN-10 8120341937


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 536 Pages
Language (English)


This well-received book, which is a new edition of Textbook of Engineering Mathematics: Special Functions and Complex Variables by the same author, continues to discuss two important topics-special functions and complex variables. It analyzes special functions such as gamma and beta functions, Legendre's equation and function, and Bessel's function. Besides, the text explains the notions of limit, continuity and differentiability by giving a thorough grounding on analytic functions and their relations with harmonic functions. In addition, the book introduces the exponential function of a complex variable and, with the help of this function, defines the trigonometric and hyperbolic functions and explains their properties. While discussing different mathematical concepts, the book analyzes a number of theorems such as Cauchy's integral theorem for the integration of a complex variable, Taylor's theorem for the analysis of complex power series, the residue theorem for evaluation of residues, besides the argument principle and Rouche's theorem for the determination of the number of zeros of complex polynomials. Finally, the book gives a thorough exposition of conformal mappings and develops the theory of bilinear transformation. Intended as a text for engineering students, this book will also be useful for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Mathematics and students appearing in competitive examinations. What is New to This Edition : Chapters have been reorganized keeping in mind changes in the syllabi. A new chapter is exclusively devoted to Graph Theory.