ISBN 9789380740119,Spectrum Grab: Inside Story of The 2G Scam

Spectrum Grab: Inside Story of The 2G Scam


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Bs Books

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789380740119

ISBN-10 9380740115


Number of Pages 262 Pages
Language (English)


Spectrum Grab is the complete story of the 2G scam - the scam that sent several politicians, businessmen and bureaucrats to jail and almost toppled a government.
The 2G scam is probably the 'Mother of All Scams'. It surpasses all other past fiddles, not just in terms of the money involved but also in the sheer scale of its audacity. It has exposed how deep crony capitalism runs in India and how laws and processes can be subverted with impunity. The scam dragnet has spared no one -- from politicians to businessmen, from lobbyists to even journalists. Spectrum Grab goes into the roots of the 2G affair and reveals how the unscrupulous nexus between government, business and the bureaucracy destroyed the promise of the telecom sector.
Spectrum Grab addresses the unanswered questions and conspiracy theories to piece together the story behind one of the biggest scandals of our times. Written by a journalist who has covered the scam, the book is an authentic and gripping account of the entire scandal.