ISBN 9789351100294,Spring Data

Spring Data


Shroff Publishers



Shroff Publishers

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789351100294

ISBN-10 9351100294


Number of Pages 332 Pages
Language (English)

Computer programming

You can choose several data access frameworks when building java enterprise applications that work with relational databases. But what about big data? This hands-on introduction shows you how Spring Data makes it relatively easy to build applications across a wide range of new data access technologies such as NoSQL and Hadoop.

Through several sample projects, you'll learn how spring data provides a consistent programming model that retains NoSQL specific features and capabilities and helps you develop Hadoop applications across a wide range of use-cases such as data analysis, event stream processing and work flow. You'll also discover the features Spring Data adds to Spring's existing JPA and JDBC support for writing RDBMS-based data access layers.

1. Learn about Spring template helper classes to simplify the use of database specific functionality.
2. Explore Spring Data repository abstraction and advanced query functionality.
3. Use Spring Data with Redis (key / value store), HBase(column-family), MongoDB (document database) and Neo4j (graph database).
4. Discover the em fire distributed data grid solution.
5. Export Spring Data JPA-managed entities to the Web as RESTful web services.
6. Simplify the development of HBase applications, using a lightweight object-mapping framework.
7. Build example big-data pipelines with spring batch and spring integration.

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