ISBN 9788130902265,State and Nation in South Asia

State and Nation in South Asia



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Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9788130902265

ISBN-10 8130902265

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Number of Pages 234 Pages
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What makes a national community out of a state? Addressing this fundamental question, Rajagopalan studies national integration from the perspective of three South Asian communities-Tamilians in India, Sindhis in Pakistan, and Tamils in Sri Lanka-that have a history of secessionism in common, but with vastly different outcomes.

Rajagopalan investigates why integration is relatively successful in some cases (Tamil Nadu), less so in others (Sindh), and disastrous in some (Sri Lanka). Broadly comparative and drawing together multiple aspects of political development and nation building, her imaginative exploration of the tension between state and nation gives voice to relatively disenfranchised sections of society.

About the Author
Swarna Rajagopalan is a writer, political analyst and consultant based in Chennai, India. She has to her credit several publications on issues relating to governance, gender, identity and security in South Asia, including Re-distribution of Authority: A Cross- Regional Perspective (co-edited with Jeanie J Bukowski, 2000) and Women, Security, South Asia: A Clearing in the Thicket (co-edited with Farah Faizal, 2005).

Table Of Contents
National Integration as Community Building.
State, Identity, and Ethnicity
State Intervention and Integrative Strategies
Building Communities Out of States: Two Principles.