ISBN 9788122205602,Stay Smart : 100 Exercises to Keep Your Brain Sharp

Stay Smart : 100 Exercises to Keep Your Brain Sharp


Orient Paperbacks



Orient Paperbacks

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788122205602

ISBN-10 8122205607


Number of Pages 136 Pages
Language (English)


The activities of brain might become a little slower at times with ageing. Memory power is also believed to be affected by this. But it is also proved that the brain could be kept as active as possible by subjecting it to constant exercises. This book enables you to train your brain to be always smart, with the help of 100 specifically designed exercises, challenges and puzzles. It also details on the necessary diet, sleep and concentration practices. Now you would not forget sentences half way or forget PIN numbers or forget why you went upstairs.

About the author :-
Charles Phillips is a renowned writer and author. He has also penned books like Illustrated History of the Kings & Queens of Britain: An Authoritative History of the Royalty of Britain, the Rulers, Their Consorts and Families and the Pretenders to the Throne; 50 Puzzles for Creative Thinking; An Illustrated History of Islam: The Story of Islamic Religion, Culture and Civilization, from the Time of the Prophet to the Modern Day; 50 Puzzles for Quick Thinking; and The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Catholicism: A complete Guide to the History, Philosophy and Practice of Catholic Christianity with More Than 500 Beautiful Illustrations.