ISBN 9780749457181,Strategic Alliances & Marketing Partnerships: Gaining competitive advantage through collaboration and partnering

Strategic Alliances & Marketing Partnerships: Gaining competitive advantage through collaboration and partnering


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Kogan Page Ltd

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9780749457181

ISBN-10 074945718X

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Number of Pages 348 Pages
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uggests that companies often lack the skills and knowledge to determine the best strategic fit, negotiate win-win agreements, align organizational cultures and get people to work together productively.

Based on ground-breaking research Strategic Alliances and Marketing Partnerships identifies the key factors that determine partnering excellence and will help you to optimize your business-to-business partnerships. It will help you to understand how partnerships function and how you can manage them more effectively and efficiently- whaterver the nature of the relationship. Using case studies it explores key topics including:

The strategic value of partnering
The evolution of supply chain networks, marketing channels and strategic alliances
The obstacles and drives of successful partnerships
Relationship marketing
Understanding partnership and alliance dynamics
Evaluating partnership performance

Strategic Alliances and Marketing Partnerships also includes eight distinctive relationship types, defined by the authors, to help you to identify and assess the nature of you own partnerships, maximize their value and ensure their success.

About The Author
Richard Gibbs is a recognized expert in marketing channels and has held senior positions in major companies including Xerox and Novell Inc. His PhD from the University of Gloucester shire followed an MBA from Henley Management College, and he continues to conduct research into how firms gain competitive advantage through marketing partnerships.

Andrew Humphries is currently CEO of SCCI Ltd which specializes in measuring commercial relationship performance. Following a career in the UK Royal Air Force as Head of Defence Aviation Logistics, he gained a PhD from Stanfield School of Management and an MBA from the Open University.

Table of Content
Placing a value on your key commercial partnerships
The Business of Partnering
A crisis in management
Diminishing sources of competitive advantage
From product-base competition to knowledge-base advantage
Extending the boundaries of the firm
The strategic value of partnering
Partnering and competing supply chains
The problems of understanding your partners
The Evolution of Partnership-Driven Business Strategies
The development of supply chain management
Supply chain networks
Strategic alliances
Marketing channels
Managing buy-sell relationships
The Obstacles and drivers of Successful Partnerships
Leveraging mutual investments
Learning from each other
The influence of leadership and control mechanisms
Understanding partnership performance
Proactive relationship management
Relationship Marketing: a 'New-Old' Theory of Business Relationships
Marketing foundations
Relationship marketing rediscovered
Collaborate or fail
From power management to relationship management
The relationship business
Modelling the marketing relationship
Managing partnership value
Building relationship management capabilities
Understanding Partnership and Alliance Dynamics
A 'new economic' view of partnerships
Partnerships as spiral dynamics
Finding the measure of partnership performance
Working Hard at the 'Soft' Factors
Evaluating partnership performance
Opportunities and challenges created through
Collaborative innovation
Opportunities and challenges created through partnership quality
Opportunities and challenges of creating value
The model of partnership performance
The Gibbs+Humphries Partnership Types
Stable pragmatists
Rebellious teenagers
Evolving pessimists
Captive sharks
Cherry pickers
No can dos
Making Partnerships and Alliances Work for you
Management implications
Determining the right partnership type
Partnership types and market development
Relationship management and the Gibbs-Humphries Partnership types
The Gibbs-Humphries partnership types and marketing
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