ISBN 9780761936459,Strategic Marketing : A Guide for Developing Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Strategic Marketing : A Guide for Developing Sustainable Competitive Advantage


SAGE India



SAGE India

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780761936459

ISBN-10 0761936459

Hard Back

Number of Pages 580 Pages
Language (English)


This compilation includes original essays that examine past and current status of the agricultural sector in India and delineate the challenges it faces in the era of economic reforms. It highlights the issues that are beginning to raise serious policy discussions in India in view of continuing agrarian crisis and the Eleventh Five Year Plan (2007?2012). Apart from providing macro level analyses, the collection also features studies which are based on micro (field) data that reflect the realities of the Indian agrarian economy. In addition, Reforming Indian Agriculture: Towards Employment Generation and Poverty Reduction focuses on the issues of employment, poverty, food and nutrition, and reviews other aspects of development policy like fostering inter-state cooperation for optimum utilization of resources, privatization policy to mobilize funds for social sector development and pattern of adoption of improved technologies by small scale industries in the country. The book will be invaluable for students, researchers and academicians working in the fields of Development Economics, Rural and Agricultural Economics, and Development Policy Analysis. Table of Contents Acknowledgements Introduction SANKAR KUMAR BHAUMIK I: INDIAN AGRICULTURE IN THE ERA OF ECONOMIC REFORMS India: The State of its Economy RAJESH MEHTA and MANMOHAN AGARWAL Agricultural Development in India: Policies and Performance A VENKATESWARLU Domestic Policy Measures and Challenges in Indian Agriculture RAMESH CHAND Income, Consumption and Expenditure of Farmers: Stunted Capitalist Development in Indian Agriculture G S BHALLA The Decline of Agriculture SURINDER S JODHKA II: POLICY INTERVENTIONS FOR AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT Price Policy and Minimum Support Prices in Changing Agricultural Economy R S DESHPANDE Agricultural Risks and Public Policy: Cross-Country Experiences SURJIT SINGH Contract Farming for Agricultural Development: Review of Theory and Practice with Special Reference to India SUKHPAL SINGH Structural Inequalities and Interlinked Transactions in Agrarian Markets: Results of a Field Survey DEEPAK KUMAR MISHRA Functioning and Impact of Microfinance: Evidence from Himachal Pradesh H R SHARMA When Rural Development Succeeds? Experience from Two Punjabs and West Bengal SUCHA SINGH GILL Crucial Role of Agriculture in Indian Development: A Japanese Perspective S HIRASHIMA III: EMPLOYMENT, POVERTY AND FOOD ACCESS Unemployment in a Traditional Agrarian Economy: Theory and Evidence PRADIPTA CHAUDHURY Employment in India`s Development Strategy T S PAPOLA Rural Non-Farm Employment, Poverty and Inequality in West Bengal SANKAR KUMAR BHAUMIK Combating Poverty and Malnutrition in Bangladesh FIRDOUSI NAHER Dalits and the Right to Food: Discrimination and Exclusion in Food-related Government Programmes SUKHADEO THORAT and JOEL LEE IV: OTHER ASPECTS OF DEVELOPMENT POLICY Imperative of Cooperation among Indian States GOPAL KRISHAN Privatization of State-owned Enterprises in India MADHU BALA Technological Constraints of Small-scale Industries in India: Some Evidence from a Field Survey PARTHA P SAHU Appendix Index