ISBN 9789384089979,Study Guide for NTSE (Class 10) 6th Edition

Study Guide for NTSE (Class 10) 6th Edition


Disha Experts


Disha Publication



Disha Publication

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789384089979

ISBN-10 9384089974


Edition 6th
Number of Pages 900 Pages
Language (English)


Study guide for NTSE class 10 is a comprehensive book written exclusively for class 10 students and covers syllabus of classes 9 and 10. The book provides learning of all the concepts involved in the syllabus of NTSE. The book covers the 2 separate sections conducted in this examination - Mental Ability Test (MAT) and Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT).

Salient features of the book

There are 26 chapters in the mental ability section.
The scholastic aptitude section has been divided into 9 parts-physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, English, history, geography, civics and economics.
The book provides sufficient point-wise theory, solved examples followed by fully solved exercises in 2 levels-state / UT level and national level.
The most comprehensive coverage as per the latest syllabus of class 9 and 10.
Maps, diagrams and tables to stimulate the thinking ability of the student.
The book also contains very similar questions to what have been asked in the previous NTSE examinations.
The book covers new variety of questions-passage based, assertion-reason, matching, definition based, statement based, feature based, diagram based and integer answer questions.
The book covers the new variety of questions asked in NTSE 2012 / 13 MAT section. New chapters on syllogisms, cryptography, data sufficiency, statement and conclusion etc.
The book covers a special section on exemplar problems in mathematics which contains a mix of problems with solutions for Stage 1 and 2.
The book covers a special section on English language test which contains theoretical concepts with practise exercises for stage 1 and 2 as per the NTSE stage 2 format.
Economics has been incorporated in the social studies section.

Table of contents : -
Section 1 - Mental Ability Test
1. Series
2. Alphabet Test
3. Classification
4. Analogy
5. Coding - Decoding
6. Number and Ranking
7. Blood Relation
8. Mathematical Operations
9. Direction Sense
10. Venn Diagrams
11. Time and Clock
12. Missing Character
13. Non - Verbal Series
14. Non - Verbal Classification
15. Analogy (Non - Verbal)
16. Incomplete Figure
17. Water and Mirror Image
18. Cube and Dice
19. Paper Folding and Cutting
20. Embedded Figure
21. Puzzle Test
22. Figure Partition and Dot Situation
23. Syllogisms
24. Cryptography
25. Statement and Conclusion
26. Data Sufficiency Scholastic Aptitude Test
Section 2 - History
1. Revolution in Europe
2. Rise of Nationalism in Europe
3. The Nationalist Movement in South - East Asia
4. Forestry and Agriculture
5. Pastoralization in the Modern World
6. Making of a Global World
7. Industrialisation and Urbanisation
8. History of Cricket and Clothing
9. Rise of Print Culture and Novels
Section 3 - Civics
1. Importance of Democracy in the Contemporary World
2. Constitutional Design and Working of Constitutional Institution
3. Electoral Politics
4. Power Sharing and Federalism
5. Gender, Religion and Caste
6. Popular Struggles and Movements
7. Diversity and Democratic Rights
8. Outcomes and Challenges of Diversity
Section 4 - Geography
1. Location and Physical Features of India
2. Drainage and Water Resources
3. Natural Vegetation, Forests and Wildlife Resources
4. Climate
5. Agriculture
6. Resources, Minerals and Development
7. Manufacturing Industries
8. Life Lines of National Economy
9. Population
Section 5 - Physics
1. Motion, Force and Laws of Motion
2. Gravitation
3. Work and Energy
4. Sound
5. Light-its Phenomena and Human Eye
6. Electricity and its Magnetic Effects
7. Sources of Energy
Section 6 - Chemistry
1. Matter and its Classification
2. Atomic Structure
3. Chemical Reactions and Their Various Types
4. Acids, Bases and Salts
5. Metals and Non - Metals
6. Carbon and its Compounds
7. Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties
Section 7 - Biology
1. Cell and Tissues
2. Diversity in Living Organism and Their Mode of Reproduction
3. Control and Coordination of Life Processes
4. Heredity and Evolution
5. Our Environment
6. Why do we Fall Ill
7. Natural Resources and Their Management
8. Improvement in Food Resources
Section 8 - Mathematics
1. Number System
2. Arithmetic
3. Algebra
4. Geometry
5. Mensuration
6. Trigonometry
7. Coordinate Geometry, Probability and Statistics
8. Commercial Mathematics
Exemplar Problems in Mathematics for NTSE
Section 9 - English Language Test
Synonyms - Antonyms
Idioms and Phrases
Reading Comprehensions
Sentence Arrangement
Missing Sentence Completion
Fill in the Blanks - Vocabulary Based
Fill in the Blanks - Grammar Based
Close Test
Section 10 - Economics
1. The Economic Story of Palampur
2. Poverty and Food Security in India
3. People as Resource and Development
4. Indian Economy and Globalisation
5. Money, Credit and Consumer Rights