ISBN 9780071070836,Supercycles : The New Economic Force Transforming Global Markets And Investment Strategy

Supercycles : The New Economic Force Transforming Global Markets And Investment Strategy



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780071070836

ISBN-10 0071070834


Number of Pages 352 Pages
Language (English)


A brilliantly original assessment of what caused the global crash-and a practical plan for investing accordingly Supercycles, according to international economist and strategist, Arun Motianey, are the continuous, long waves of boom and bust that undulate through the global economic and financial systems. More often than not, they are the result of policymakers' well-intentioned but misguided attempts to achieve price stability. In Supercycles, Motianey surpasses the traditional business cycle model ("Boom and Bust"), to provide a detailed, objective, and at times surprising explanation of global economics. Drawing heavily on history and informed by cautious readings of a wide range of economic thought, Motianey critiques the way macroeconomics has been practiced by the major powers' central banks through the years. Specifically, it was the banks' intervention, ostensibly in the quest for price stability that actually served to entrench price instability. Further, he makes a compelling case for the new tools we'll be using to manage the post-meltdown global economy, and even advises on investor portfolios to protect us from the likeliest scenarios that occur when a supercycle enters its terminal phase. A cogent and impossible-to-ignore mixture of economics, finance, policy, risk management, and investment advice from a global perspective, Supercycles is certain to inform and inspire debate among investors, academics, and casual readers alike. Salient Features Supercycles is written from a non-U.S. centric view, since author is a Mumbai-born, American who was educated in the U.K. Appeals to two markets: 1.)Wall Street/Finance and 2.)Academia/Economics Author a 20 year veteran of Citigroup where he was their chief macroeconomist Author's speaking platform includes: Oxford Analytica annual conference attended by 500 corporate execs; Cambridge-in-America, the U.S. alumna of Cambridge University, which celebrates its 800th anniversary in 2009-2010; an active member of Princeton's Center for Economic Policy Studies; Greenwich Roundtable. The author expects to speak at Citigroup Private Bank and Smith Barney. Blue chip endorsements from economists at Oxford and Princeton and chief risk officer at Alliance Bernstein and former chairman of Goldman Sachs Wealth Management TABLE OF CONTENTS Part 1: A Profound Intellectual Failure 1. From Great Moderation to Great Bust 2. The Unreasonable Influence of Defunct Economists Part 2: The Turn of the Wheel 3. The Long View of Capitalism 4. Supercycles Vs. Markets Part 3: When Causality Becomes Casualty: Uprooting Free Market Dogma 5. Blame the Victims 6. Microfoundations Out, Microcausality In Part 4: Why the Idea of Risk is Flawed 7. Fruit or Fruit Salad? 8. The Non-Conservation of Financial Risk Part 5: Investing Rules in Supercycles 9. Three Scenarios for Investment Portfolios 10. When the Music Really Stops