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SAGE India

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788178298726

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Researching Families and Children: Culturally Appropriate Methods highlights methodological issues that arise while conducting research on human development in India. This compilation deals with the dynamics of transacting research in the field, instead of providing formalized instructions on how to conduct research. This set of essays thus scores over most other books on research methodology in this regard. Dwelling on authentic encounters in the field, the authors articulate the various processes of interaction, while providing transparency in procedure and practicality in approach. A significant aspect of the collection is the inclusion of the perspectives of the participants in research studies. The people studied are seen as partners in the creation of knowledge, without whose active involvement the studies would be inadequate. With a view to demystifying research methods and engaging the reader, the narrative uses the tropes from the world of Indian theatre of the traditional Sutradhaar (Master of Ceremonies) and Vidushak (Jester). This strategy infuses a lighter note and serves to round-off each essay succinctly. Researchers and academicians working in the fields of human development, psychology, social work and related disciplines, will welcome this work as it validates indigenous qualitative research. Table of Contents Preface S ANANDALAKSHMY, NANDITA CHAUDHARY and NEERJA SHARMA How Independent is the Independent Variable? S ANANDALAKSHMY Methods for a Cultural Science NANDITA CHAUDHARY Cultural Networks, Social Research and Contact Sampling MILA TULI and NANDITA CHAUDHARY Research as Intervention NEERJA SHARMA Responsive Engagement as Method PRITI JOSHI Lived Experience as Theatre LAKSHMI KRISHNAMURTY Interviewing in Qualitative Research SHRADDHA KAPOOR Making Sense of What They Say INDU KAURA Unravelling the Mystery of Creativity REKHA SHARMA SEN and NEERJA SHARMA Mapping the Self and the Family SUJATA SRIRAM and NANDITA CHAUDHARY Field Observations from Rural Gujarat MONIKA ABELS End Notes S ANANDALAKSHMY, NEERJA SHARMA and NANDITA CHAUDHARY Index