ISBN 9788131525562,Supply Chain Management : A Balanced Approach

Supply Chain Management : A Balanced Approach



Cengage Learning India

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788131525562

ISBN-10 8131525562


Edition 3rd
Number of Pages 592 Pages
Language (English)

Business & management

Now you can introduce purchasing, operations and logistics with a strong supply chain management focus found in the latest edition of Wisner / Tan / Leong's supply chain management, 3e. This unique new third edition presents extensive content you won't find covered in other books. The author's expansive approach helps you guide students through the management stages of each supply chain activity while addressing real-world concerns related to the global supply chain.

With this edition, you can follow the natural flow through the supply chain with one of the most balanced supply chain management approaches available. Well-organized chapters demonstrate the practical applications of supply chain management in today's workplace while intriguing profiles throughout the text build on topics to reinforce learning. Numerous new cases in this edition expand upon the previous edition's 22 cases. A wealth of engaging and interactive learning features in each chapter are now updated and revised. Supply chain management in action opening features, e-business connections and global perspectives combine with abundant real-world business examples to ensure that supply chain management, 3e, covers today's most important contemporary supply issues in depth.

Unique content provides important coverage available only in this text. One-of-a-kind coverage in this comprehensive text encompasses operations, purchasing and logistics with a supply chain management focus. You can introduce students to a wealth of important content not available in other books. This edition demonstrates how all aspects of supply chain activity are accomplished effectively and efficiently.
Balanced presentation of supply chain management follows natural flow. To ensure understanding, the authors break down supply chain issues into purchasing, operations, logistics and integration. This is one of the most balanced supply chain management texts available, as it follows a natural flow through the supply chain, further encouraging student comprehension.
Exceptional cases and solid organization emphasize practice application in today's workplace. Well-organized chapters throughout this edition highlight excellent case studies that clearly demonstrate the practical applications of supply chain management in today's workplace. Intriguing profiles throughout the text reinforce the cases and further ensure student learning. Numerous new cases in this edition expand on the book's previous 22 cases.
Revised, updated learning features ensure today's most current issues are addressed in detail. Each of the book's 14 chapters addresses some of today's most recent developments with revised and updated supply chain management in action opening features, e-business connections and global perspectives. Captivating company examples throughout the edition ensure that current supply issues are covered in depth.
New coverage of the latest trends in supply chain management introduces the latest developments. Prepare students to address the most current trends in supply chain management today with this edition's updated content.
New information on international purchasing / procurement and ethical and sustainable sourcing prepares students for business today. Updated sections on international purchasing and procurement for government and nonprofit agencies (Chapter 2) equip students with critical knowledge and skills. A new chapter on ethical and sustainable sourcing (Chapter 4) familiarizes students with some of the most pressing challenges in today's workplace.
New forecasting examples, coverage of lean production and examples of six sigma direct students in applying what they've learned. New, easier-to-apply forecasting examples in part 3 emphasize how to effectively use excel, while new sections highlight the environmental impacts of lean production and offer new examples of six sigma programs. Updated examples on inventory investment and turnover ratios (Chapter 7) keep students aware of the latest developments.
New examples of emerging topics in business address social media, cloud computing and recent examples in managing service supply chains. Now you can prepare students to better understand sustainability in logistics and the impact of social media and cloud computing in customer relationship management with new sections in part 4. Numerous new examples highlight how to effectively manage service supply chains.
New global issues equip students to secure a global competitive advantage. You and your students can closely examine new issues associated with global process integration and risk and security in part 5. New coverage reviews the expanding role of supply chain management in sustaining global competitive advantage.
Part I - Supply Chain Management - An Overview
1. Introduction to Supply Chain Management

Part II - Purchasing Issues in Supply Chain Management
2. Purchasing Management
3. Supplier Relationship Management
4. Strategic Sourcing for Successful Supply Chain Management

Part III - Operations Issues in Supply Chain Management
5. Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment
6. Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
7. Inventory Management
8. Process Management - Just-in - Time and Total Quality Management

Part IV - Distribution Issues in Supply Chain Management
9. Logistics Management
10. Customer Relationship Management
11. Location Decisions
12. Service Response Logistics

Part V - Sustaining Competitive Advantage
13. Process Integration
14. Performance Measurement

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