ISBN 9780062339416,Swimming with Warlords

Swimming with Warlords


Kevin Sites


Harper Collins



Harper Collins

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9780062339416

ISBN-10 0062339419


Number of Pages 393 Pages
Language (English)

Afghan War

"Kevin Sites made his first trip to Afghanistan in October 2001 on assignment for NBC News, to cover the U.S. invasion and retribution for the terror attacks of 9/11. That trip lasted 100 days and in that time three of his colleagues were killed. In June 2013, his 5th trip to the country, Sites retraced the path of his initial 2001 odyssey, pausing along the way to consider each of the significant events of his original trip and to explore what, if anything had changed in the twelve years since the U.S. intervention. He spoke with warlords, ex-Taliban fighters, politicians, women cops and dentists, farmers, drug addicts, international aid workers, diplomats and militarypersonal. In Swimming with Warlords, Sites looks at this nation through the prism of these two parallel journeys. By telling the stories of the people he met along the way and how their lives have been affected by this conflict that has cost billions of dollars and thousands of lives, he will help to provide readers with different perspectives on Afghanistan and America’s role there."