ISBN 9780071333115,Systems Programming

Systems Programming



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9780071333115

ISBN-10 0071333118


Number of Pages 556 Pages
Language (English)

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Systems Programming is intended at giving the readers a solid grounding in the important aspects of system programming. It throws light on the usage of important concepts in the field of system programming, which is needed for building software applications. This edition also comes with numerous figures to represent the operation of certain techniques, and boxes that are utilized for enclosing key concepts. This book has been divided into two parts, namely, Language Processors and Operating Systems, and contains 14 chapters. The chapters include Scanning and Parsing, Overview of Operating Systems, Memory Management, File Systems, Program Management, Compilers, Linkers and Loaders, Interpreters, Software Tools, Security and Protection, Macros and Macro Preprocessors, Overview of Language Processors, and Assemblers. At the end of each chapter, Dhamdhere has included a number of multiple choice questions to test the reader's understanding of the concepts covered. Additionally, the readers are also provided with exercises at the end of each chapter, which include numerical problems and challenging conceptual problems. He has also added algorithms to depict the processes carried out by the system software, and these algorithms are presented in pseudocode form. Several case studies have also been included, which throw light on arrangements, trade-offs, and practical issues in implementing and designing specific schemes. These case studies are presented as different sections in each chapter. The summary of the chapter is also provided at the end of each chapter, which helps the readers recall important concepts covered. About D. M. Dhamdhere D. M. Dhamdhere is a well-known author and professor. Apart from this book, Dhamdhere has written Compiler Construction: Principles And Practice, Operating Systems: A Concept Based Approach, and System Programming & Operating Systems. Dhamdhere completed his Bachelor's and Master's of Technology degrees from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. He also finished his doctoral degree from IIT-Bombay in 1979. He has been a part of the teaching staff for the CSE department at IIT-Bombay since 1974. He was also a visiting professor at the University of Connecticut in the CSE Department during 1986-88, and the University of California, Riverside, in the CSE Department from Sep 2002 to Dec 2003. His main areas of research interest lie in Operating Systems, Distributed Systems, Optimizing Compilers: Partial Redundancy Elimination and Safety Issues in Dynamic Software Updating. Since December 2009, Dhamdhere has held the position of the Institute Chair Professor of the CSE Department at IIT-Bombay. TABLE OF CONTENTS : - 1. Introduction Part I : Language Processors 2. Overview of Language Processors 3. Assemblers 4. Macros and Macro Preprocessors 5. Linkers and Loaders 6. Scanning and Parsing 7. Compilers 8. Interpreters 9. Software Tools Part II : Operating Systems 10. Overview of Operating Systems 11. Program Management 12. Memory Management 13. File Systems 14. Security and Protection

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