ISBN 9789350293683,Talespin: Stories

Talespin: Stories



Harper Collins Publishers Inc

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789350293683

ISBN-10 9350293684


Number of Pages 246 Pages
Language (English)
What really happened when the impetuous young Alexander met King Darius III of the mighty Persian Empire in 331 BC? Who was the nineteen-year-old hacker who rewrote the rules of the IndoPak conflict? What strange facts must bestselling author Preeti Mishra confront when she collaborates with her deafmute sister Pari on a new novel? Combining history and fantasy, and cutting a wide arc through space and time, Talespin is a collection of stories unconstrained by convention. Here, hired killers, big game hunters and Mughal damsels entice you into their world, the sixteenth century meshes comfortably with the twenty-first, and the war of Troy seems as real as World War II. Sanjay Chopra's vivid prose mythologizes history and makes believable the mythic. In the intrigue-filled world that he creates, the past and present conspire to ensure that the next spin is only a page away. About the Author Sanjay Chopra is a pilot with an international airline, having flown for the past eighteen years. He lives in Mumbai with his wife, Tisca Chopra, who is an actress, and they are working on a number of film scripts together.

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