ISBN 9788121614993,Tantra  The Supreme Understanding

Tantra The Supreme Understanding




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Hind Pocket Book

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788121614993

ISBN-10 8121614996


Language (English)


In this book, the mystic Osho reviews Tantric writings and the philosophical and spiritual insights they provide. He explains the ancient Tantric meditation techniques, techniques that are as relevant today as they were in those ancient times. Tantra - The Supreme Understanding is a critique on Tilopa's song. This book opens wide the doors to understanding the ancient ways of Tantric Buddhism and attaining transcendence. Tantric Buddhism has existed in India from as early as the 5th century AD, and the teaching associated with this near mysterious school of thought have been made easier to understand through this book. Tantra - The Supreme Understanding expounds on the Mahamudra concept. Mahamudra is the experiencing of nothingness. A philosophy with roots close to Zen. Tantra - The Supreme Understanding is written with hints of Zen Buddhism and is rich in the subtle humor and wisdom that is characteristic of most of Osho's works. A style of writing that inspires one to think. The book was published by HPB/FC, in 2011 and is available in paperback.