ISBN 9780340858981,Teach Yourself Card Games

Teach Yourself Card Games


David Parlett


Teach Yourself



Teach Yourself

Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9780340858981

ISBN-10 0340858982


Number of Pages 288 Pages
Language (English)

Card games

There are hundreds of card games available to appeal to all tastes - from the intellectual intricacies of Bridge to the psychological excitement of Poker. This book includes the classics, games from abroad and timeless favourites. The book is designed for everyone: beginners, regular players and the experienced player who wants to explore and experiment with new games. It can also be used as a reference source, to check on rules or details that you may have forgotten. It includes handy features, such as how to choose which game you play and a glossary of card playing terms. The games are separated into the number of players that should ideally play them, and include games such as whist and solo, cribbage and piquet, hearts and skats, pontoon and poker. This new edition includes substantially revised and updated chapters, particularly for games such as Kaluki which have become more extensive and elaborate. There are also suggestions of where readers can find helpful websites on the Internet.