ISBN 9780415888073,Teaching In A Nutshell: Navigating Your Teacher Education Program As A Student Teacher

Teaching In A Nutshell: Navigating Your Teacher Education Program As A Student Teacher


Kosnik Beck






Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9780415888073

ISBN-10 0415888077

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Number of Pages 129 Pages
Language (English)

Language Teaching & Learning

Designed to help student teachers develop an approach to teaching that is both theoretical and practical, this text focuses on key aspects of teaching rather than trying to "cover the waterfront." Based on extensive research on teachers views, their own long experience as teacher educators, and other sources, the authors recommend 7 priorities for teaching and teacher education:

program planning
pupil assessment
classroom organization and community
inclusive education
subject content and pedagogy
professional identity
a vision for teaching
Each chapter deals in turn with one of these priorities, using a common format. Activities throughout help readers understand what the priority means in both theory and practice.

This text is a companion to the authors 2009 book for teacher educators, Priorities in Teacher Education: The 7 Key Elements of Pre-Service Preparation. By making these 7 priorities and related knowledge explicit, it helps student teachers to acquire essential knowledge and skills, to understand the teaching/learning process more fully, and above all to be as prepared as possible for the demanding work of teaching. "