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Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9788178295053

ISBN-10 8178295059


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 364 Pages
Language (English)


The Second Edition of Sales Forecasting Management provides comprehensive coverage of the techniques and applications of sales forecasting analysis, combined with a managerial focus to give managers and users of the sales forecasting function a clear understanding of the forecasting needs of all business functions. Bringing together 25 years of sales forecasting management research with more than 400 companies, this is the first text to truly integrate the theory and practice of sales forecasting management. Highlights of this new edition are: New insights on the critical area of qualitative forecasting Includes results of additional surveys done since the publication of the first edition The discussion of the four dimensions of forecasting management has been significantly enhanced Significant reorganization and updating has been done to strengthen and improve the material for the second edition The author?s well-regarded Multicaster software system demo, which has been updated and is now available for download from the authors? Web site Table of Contents Managing the Sales Forecasting Process Sales Forecasting Performance Measurement Time Series Forecasting Techniques Regression Analysis Qualitative Sales Forecasting Sales Forecasting Systems Benchmark Studies: The Surveys Benchmark Studies: The Surveys Benchmark Studies: World-Class Forecasting Benchmark Studies: Conducting a Forecasting Audit Managing the Sales Forecasting Function References Index