ISBN 9788170946335,Technology Blueprints for High Performance Companies

Technology Blueprints for High Performance Companies


Vision Books



Vision Books

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9788170946335

ISBN-10 8170946336


Number of Pages 100 Pages
Language (English)


Proven Blueprints for Aligning Business Strategy and Technology High performance companies are increasingly those that get their technology foundations right; critically so in the case of technology companies but no less so in other industries. And sound technology foundations require getting a fix on what works and why many promising technology solutions done work out in actual practice. Find out what works . . . This book provides a comprehensive spectrum of proven solutions, critical to aligning technology with business objectives: Blueprints for developing a strategic technology vision; Blueprints for selecting technology solutions to drive your business; Blueprints for identifying and mitigating technology risks; Blueprints for building high performance technology teams; Blueprints for assessing a company and technology assets and protecting its intellectual property; Blueprints for software development; Blueprints for successful management of technology projects; Blueprints for successful outsourcing of technology solutions. . . . And what doesn't Equally valuable, the book also identifies specific reasons why technology solutions sometimes done work out. Understanding the typical, recurring reasons for poor technology selection and implementation makes such problems addressable; otherwise, they have the insidious ability to kill projects even in the best of companies. Written both as a narrative and a reference book, technology managers and those who have to take strategic technology decisions will find this a terrific resource for aligning vital technologies with their company and business plans.