ISBN 9789350364499,Tell Me More : General Knowledge With Life Skills And Values (Book 8)

Tell Me More : General Knowledge With Life Skills And Values (Book 8)



Ratna Sagar Publishers

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789350364499

ISBN-10 9350364492


Number of Pages 80 Pages
Language (English)

General Knowledge

Key Features Its a Fact provides additional information. Tell More exposes learners to exploratory tasks.(Books 1 - 2) attempts to make learning fun. In the News (Books 4 - 8) lists news updates from around the globe.Fun to Know / More to Know lists interesting facts. Brain teasers, quizzes and reasoning activities hone the analytical and logical skills of the learners.The section on Life Skills focuses on co-scholastic areas and stimulates the thinking, social and emotional skills of the learners.The section on Values helps learners imbibe essential values (suggested by the NCF) for all-round development. There is an interesting board game in Books 3 - 5, CCE Compatibility.Each carefully graded book is divided into semesters. There are a variety of assessment tools such as MCQs, activities, pictorial questions and so on. These can be used for Formative Assesment. Lets Sum it Up contains semester end test papers that can be used for Summative Assesment. TABLE OF CONTENTS First Semester The World of Nature Who Am I? Interesting Plant World Amazing Animals The Animal World Words & More The Magic of Words What's The Good Word? The Magic of Books The Fairy Land Toon World It's All In The Name Young Scientist Compu-Quiz Inventions and Discoveries On And Beyond The Planet Explore India The India Quiz Rapid Fire Round Famous Indians Around the World Continents, Countries and Oceans Where in the World? Sports, Art & Culture Where and How We Play! Indian Languages Artistically Related This & That Mixed Bag I My Activity Page Go Green! Save The Environment Eco-word Life Skills Friend-O-Meter Dealing with Injury Health and Safety Values Values for You and Me Honesty is Test Paper 1 Let's Sum it Up Second Semester The World of Nature Strange Plants The Plant World Group the Animals Animal Kingdom Words & More Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Collections All The Magic of Books Remember Your Books Book Quiz Identify the Book Young Scientist Scientists and Inventors Reusing Energy The Human Brain Explore India Pride of India Board Game Amazing India Around the World Nicknames and New Names Know Your World Sports, Art & Culture Our Young Sports Achievers Dance Forms Costumes of the World This & That Tickle Your Brain Mixed Bag II Go Green! What Do These Say? Biodegradable or Not? Life Skills Manage Your Time Good Manners Values Share and Care Good Acts Test Paper 2 Let's Sum it Up My Page My Neighbourhood Answers Checklist In What Way are You Smart?