ISBN 9789350021576,The Absorbent Mind

The Absorbent Mind


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Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789350021576

ISBN-10 9350021579

Hard Back

Number of Pages 320 Pages
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About the Book: The Absorbent Mind The Absorbent Midn Is Base On Lectures giver by MariaMontessori, is an analysis of the physical and psychologicalaspects of a child's growth during the most significant period oflife-the first six years. During this period the child learns motorcoordination, language, the making of social adjustments, thesetting of work habits, and the beginning of routines that setpatterns for life. She illustrates the unique mental powers of theyoung child which enables him to construct and firmly establishwithin but a few years-without teachers, without any of the usualaids of education, nay, almost abandoned and often obstructed-allthe characteristics of the human personality. Contents Introduction 1.The Child's Part in World Reconstruction 2.Education for Life 3.The Periods of Growth 4.The New Path 5.The Miracle of Creation 6.Embryology and Behaviour 7.The Spiritual Embryo 8.The Child's Conquest of Independence 9.The First Days of Life 10.Some Thoughts on Language 11.How Language Calls to the Child 12.The Effect of Obstacles on Development 13.The Importance of Movement in General Development 14.Intelligence and the Hand 15.Development and Imitation 16.From Unconscious Creator to Conscious Worker 17.Further Elaboration Through Culture and Imagination 18.Character and its Defects in Childhood 19.The Child's Contribution to Society-Normalization 20.Character Building is the Child's Own Achievement 21.Children's Possessiveness and its Transformations 22.Social Development 23.Cohesion in the Social Unit 24.Mistakes and Their Correction 25.The Three Levels of Obedience 26.Discipline and the Teacher 27.The Teacher's Preparation 28.Love and its Source- The Child Index About the Author: Maria Montessori Maria Montessori (1870-1952), Italian Physician andeducationist, born in Rome, the first women in Italy to receive amedical degree (1894), dedicated her life to learning how best toeducate children-particularly the poorest, most Challengedchildren-d