ISBN 9788121501118,The Art of War in Medieval India

The Art of War in Medieval India



Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 1984

ISBN 9788121501118

ISBN-10 8121501113

Hard Back

Number of Pages 422 Pages
Language (English)


Numerous books have been written on the Art and Science of War in the West, but a comprehensive and critical study of the subject in India through the ages is still a desideratum. That it is not only of absorbing interested but highly instructive admits of no doubt. True, there exist a few valuable works on Indian Warfare, none has exclusively dealt with the art of war in medieval period during the millenium from the 8th to the 18th century. Hence The Art of War in Medieval India is a pioneer work on the field, being a comparative and analytical survey of Rajput, Turko-Afghan, Mughal, Maratha, Sikh and Ahom systems of war on the basis of critical studies of all relevant sources, Indian and Islamic and in the background of the military classics of ancient China and of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, of Clausewitz and Jomini. The present work is also a maiden effort to assail the scepticism prevailing in some quarters that the art had not flowered in ancient and Medieval India as in European countries. The author has skillfully shown that many principles of war strategy and operational tactics known in Europe were also not unknown in India. Greater emphasis has been given to what the author considers to be the basic ideas of army organization, methods and techniques, strategy, tactics and leadership than to specific details of war.