ISBN 9789350094464,The Aryavarta Chronicles: Govinda (Book 1)

The Aryavarta Chronicles: Govinda (Book 1)


Hachette India



Hachette India

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789350094464

ISBN-10 9350094460


Number of Pages 472 Pages
Language (English)

Biography & autobiography: historical

Krishna Udayasankar's The Aryavarta Chronicles: Govinda is the first book of the Aryavarta Chronicles. It is an ancient Indian mythology series. It is a deconstructed re-telling of The Mahabharata, and is a tale of adventure, intrigue and conspiracy. Summary of the Book Aryavarta is the kingdom of the noble and has been ruled for centuries by the first dynasty of sages, who were the descendants of Vashishta Varuni, Brahma's oldest son. The realm of the noble, has been dominated for centuries by the Firstborn Dynasty of Sages, whose ancestor was Vasishta Varuni, Lord Brahma's oldest son. They were responsible for maintaining peace and order on Earth. The Firewrights are the King's weapon makers who defied the sages, eventually leading to a battle between them. This results in Aryavarta getting divided into several kingdoms. When the last Secret Keeper of the Firewrights dies, the kingdom of Aryavarta faces a serious threat from its enemies. Vyasa in order to protect the kingdom wants to overthrow the ruling King, and thus starts an epic battle for the throne. Govinda, an erstwhile cowherd and now the Commander of the Dwaraka armies must do his best to protect his people from the conflict. As the entire kingdom of Aryavarta stands divided and drowns in betrayal, brother fighting brother and deception, the innocent people are sacrificed. About Krishna Udayasankar Krishna Udayasankar is a graduate of the NLSIU, Bangalore and holds a PhD in Strategic Management from the Nanyang Business School, Singapore, where she is presently working as a lecturer. Her other works include Objects of Affection, a full-length collection of poetry and has been the editor of Body Boundaries: The Etiquette Anthology of Women's Writing.