ISBN 9780060829322,The Best Baby Names In The World

The Best Baby Names In The World


J. M. Congemi


Harper Design



Harper Design

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9780060829322

ISBN-10 006082932X


Number of Pages 461 Pages
Language (English)

Baby names

With so many baby name books for expectant parents to choose from, it takes a unique angle to catch the consumer's eye. THE BEST BABY NAMES IN THE WORLD offers parents a chance to choose the perfect name for their newborn from a list of dozens of countries, each with a list of unique, historical names. Each section offers a brief description of the country, including a map, and lists some of the most popular names in that country, as well as the pronuciation, meaning, and any variations of the name. Our edition will be fully updated to include even more up?to?date names, including American names that have gained popularity since the initial hardcover printing from Facts On File. We've had great success with our baby name books in the past, and with millions of babies being born every year, this is a market that will never disappear. This title is a perfect chance to attract today's worldly and savvy parents, always looking for a unique name for their bundle of joy. And a handy, easy?to?use mass market format is perfect for parents looking for a fresh new baby name book.