ISBN 9789380658803,The Best Of Quest

The Best Of Quest



Westland Publications

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9789380658803

ISBN-10 938065880X


Number of Pages 694 Pages
Language (English)


Quest, was a magazine based in Bombay, that was first published in 1954. Published on a quarterly basis, it was considered an intellectual springboard for many people who write for esteemed papers and magazines today. After more than twenty years, the magazine closed its doors during Indira Gandhi’s emergency period.
The Best of Quest, is a collection, free from political ideologies, whose works reflect culture and freedom of thought. The selection of writings in this collection, were written by three different women, who at one time were active during the magazine’s glory days.
Readers will surely enjoy the essays, criticisms, poems and short stories, which made waves then, and continue to do so now.
The Best of Quest is divided into seven segments, which include advertisements from that time period. The first segment contains a foreword by Prabhala and Sattar. The second segment contains an “In Memoriam” to the magazine’s then-editor Nissim Ezekiel. Futehally, fondly recalls her time spent with this esteemed editor and regales readers about his talents and abilities. In segment three, readers will find an illuminating collection of essays and opinions, dealing with subjects such as marriage, foreign affairs, cinema and morality. Segment four contains a collection of poems that appeared through the magazine’s two decade run. In segment five, readers will find a selection of fictional works that contain satire, cynicism and irony. The last two segments contain end and script notes

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