ISBN 9788121503532,The Bhumij Revolt (1832-33): (Ganga Narain's Hangama Or Turmoil)

The Bhumij Revolt (1832-33): (Ganga Narain's Hangama Or Turmoil)



Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 1967

ISBN 9788121503532

ISBN-10 8121503531

Hard Back

Number of Pages 218 Pages
Language (English)


This is a study of the Bhumij Revolt of 1832-33 (Ganga Narain's Hangama or Turmoil) in the Jungle Mahals or Dhalbhum in the Midnapur district of the Bengal presidency with particular emphasis on the causes and social implications of this movement. It takes note of the evil consequences of introducing into an undeveloped tribal area the complex regulation-bound Cornwallis system. The political, social and economic impact upon the Bhumijes of that system forms the central theme of this book. The British administration and the detribalization of the tribal chiefs led to a general discontent, which combined with the personal grievances of a gifted leader, Ganga Narain Singh, produced this strong, the simple-minded and ill-informed against the concerted resources of a powerful system." The book is based upon research in public records preserved in the archives in Patna, Calcutta and London, and the private papers of Bentinck in the University of Nottingham; for the sake of an independent and critical study, contemporary newspapers and magazines have been used.