ISBN 9789351160465,The Bikini Murders

The Bikini Murders



Harper Collins Publishers Inc

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789351160465

ISBN-10 9351160467


Number of Pages 376 Pages
Language (English)


Johnson Thhat is the notorious bikini murderer who has eluded justice for decades and whose penchant for violence and amoral games can perhaps go unmatched. However, now twenty years after the last known victim had been put down, the ex-policeman Inspector Pradhan finds him. Hiding in a casino in Kathmandu, Pradhan recognizes the notorious criminal and takes him into custody. The novel then proceeds to a trial that leaves Pradhan slightly jittery over the mastermind's true intentions as he has successfully evaded the law for too long to return in such runny manner. But Thhat wants to cut a deal with Pradhan as he wants a book written about his story and in return to reveal the truth about Mary Ann Smolinsky, an American who had disappeared in Kathmandu over two decades ago. Thhat reveals a somewhat sketchy account of his life where he first recounts his childhood in Vietnam and later in Paris with his mother and her lover. Thhat started with petty crimes which gradually escalated to a career of bloody and remorseless serial killing. The catalyst was meeting his partner and lover Ravina in Bombay. The couple begins their operation in Bangkok and Thhat reveals the modus operandi of luring gullible tourists with the promise of selling them smuggled diamonds at a reduced rate. They would then murder them for their belongings. Thhat lands himself in jail but he is soon able to escape by masquerading as a monk. He soon conducts the same modus operandi in India and his victims are the foreign tourists. However again with a operation goes bad, this time with a group of French tourists, he lands himself in Tihar jail. The details are all revealed as excerpts from Thhat's diary and as such there are slight discrepancies and inconsistencies and it reads as a hazy account. Pradhan is still confused by the easy incarceration of Thhat this time around and he fears whether the murderer has planned another con, and this time to surpass all his previous operations. A pacy read, The Bikini Murders follows the cunning antihero and packs in a number of twists that play out as a satisfying guessing game for all readers. About Farrukh Dhondy Farrukh Dhondy is an Indian born British author, playwright and screenwriter. His works include Poona Company, East End at Your Feet, The Siege of Babylon, Trip Trap, Bombay Duck and Mama Dragon. He studied in The Bishop's School in Poona and then read English at Pembroke College, Cambridge. He received his Masters from Leicester University and later was a lecturer at Leicester College of Further Education. He then became affiliated with the Indian Workers' Association and joined the publication, Race Today. He has written for theatre, film and television apart from being a columnist and author. He has been presented with the Children's Rights Workshop Other award, Samuel Beckett Award, and Collins/Fontana Award. He resides in the United Kingdom.