ISBN 9780140449242,The Brothers Karamazov : A Novel in Four Parts and an Epilogue

The Brothers Karamazov : A Novel in Four Parts and an Epilogue


Penguin Books



Penguin Books

Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9780140449242

ISBN-10 0140449248


Number of Pages 960 Pages
Language (English)


Fyodor Karamazov is a despicable man. No one likes him, not even the three sons he fathered through two marriages. His eldest son, Dmitri, is a sensualist who loves wine and women, spending a great deal of his time hankering after both. Dmitri only returns to his home for his inheritance, which he believes his father is keeping from him. The second son, Ivan, is a rationalist who is tired of all the suffering in the world. Intelligent and insufferable, he is isolated by his pride and sullen nature. The third son, Alexei, or Alyosha as he is called, is terribly unlike the rest of his family. He is universally liked, and a novice at the Russian orthodox monastery. The relationship between old man Karamazov and his sons is the focus of the novel, and when he is eventually murdered, the issues of patricide and the ethical debate of God, Free Will and morality take centre stage in Dostoyevsky’s last and perhaps greatest novel.