ISBN 9789380852027,The Buddhist Culture Of North East Thailand

The Buddhist Culture Of North East Thailand



B.R. Publishing Corporation

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9789380852027

ISBN-10 9380852029

Hard Back

Number of Pages 271 Pages
Language (Hindi)

Ancient religions & mythologies

Isan (North-East Thailand) had its glorious past and added fresh laurels in the cultural traditions of Thailand. A large area North-East Thailand is situated on the bank of the famous Asian river Mac-Khong. The river serves as boarder of Thailand and Laos. The Dvaravati art and culture was spread over Central, North-Eastern and Southern parts of Thailand from 7th to 13th. Century A.D. In the North-Eastern parts of Thailand influence of Khmer culture and art is also witnessed from llth to 13th century, A.D., Phimai in the North-East Thailand is an important Buddhist monument. The impact of Mahayana Buddhism on art and culture of North-East Thailand is the inluence of Pala art of Nalanda and source of inspiration for artistic activities in this region. The discoveries of Sanskrit and Pali inscriptions from North-Eastern* Thailand in the recent years, leads support to this hypothesis. The scholars have scientifically, systematically and judiciously presented almost all important aspects of culture such as language, literature, songs, music, art, architecture and sculpture etc. in the book.