ISBN 9788176569880,The Chronicles of Java on Linux

The Chronicles of Java on Linux




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BPB Publications

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9788176569880

ISBN-10 8176569887


Language (English)

Operating systems

The book has been written to provide excellent grounding to those who wish to learn Java and ANSI SQL using MySQL in the Linux domain. Like all earlier books ,this book also has several illustrative examples,which have a logical link between them.Each set of examples helps build skills that will take the reader to the next setoff examples, which in tun leads upwards until a strong programming foundation in Java using the natural language of MySQL Has been established. MuSQL works from a network – based installation and as a standlone installation.What’sbest is it’s a completely free product,from the Open Source stable that works flawlessly on several operating systems, including M.S. Windows.     Table of Contents      Section 1.           Setting Up the Framework   1.       Setting up the Fedora Core Operating System 2.       Setting up MySQL 3.       Setting Up Java   Section 2.            Understanding with MySQL   4.       Getting Started with MySQL 5.       MySQL Database Administration 6.       Interactive SQL Part –I 7.       Interactive SQL Part – II 8.       Interactive SQL Part – III 9.       Interactive SQL Part –IV   Section 3.            Understanding Java   10.   An Introduction to Java 11.   Getting Started with Java 12.   Classes, Objects and Inheritance 13.   Interfaces and Packages 14.   Exception Handling 15.   Java Threads 16.   Basic Java Packages 17.   Java Programs 18.   Introduction to AWT And Swing 19.   The Java Applet 20.   Event Driven Programming 21.   Java Network Programming   Section 4.            Project Development using Java with MySQL   22.   Java Database Programming with MySQL 23.   Setting Up Jakarta – Tomcat Servlet Engine 24.   Java Servlets