ISBN 9788121500692,The Development Of Hindu Iconography

The Development Of Hindu Iconography



Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers

Publication Year 1985

ISBN 9788121500692

ISBN-10 8121500699

Hard Back

Edition 4th
Number of Pages 690 Pages
Language (English)

The Arts

Hindu Iconography reflects fully the Hindu mind is its religious and social aspects. Its study enables one to understand the msyterious India in the varied facets of her life and culture Iconography means not merely the mechanical description and identification of an image, but also a study of the various processes, mental and social, which lead to the growth of a cult or of a particular iconic type. The present book by a reputed Indian specialists views the subject of the Hindu Iconography from the evolutionary standpoint and can claim to be a pioneer and authoritative work in this respect. The author has carefully marshalled all kinds of data - literary, epigraphic, numismatic, glypitc and sculptural - and presents his materials and different problems in a systematic manner so as to built up a logical and coherent picture of Hindu Iconography in its wide and varied scope. A special feature of the book lies in a discussion of early iconographic types even before the systematisation of this branch of knowledge in the ancient Hindu texts. First published in 1941, the present edition has been completely revised and enlarged so as to serve as the most authoritative guide and reference work on this interesting subject.