ISBN 9788188071647,The Dicey Problem of New Age Science: Einstein, Hawking and God at the Casino

The Dicey Problem of New Age Science: Einstein, Hawking and God at the Casino


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Zen Publications

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788188071647

ISBN-10 8188071641


Number of Pages 190 Pages
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Order flows from consistent laws. Our understanding of our universe is changing, but Reality behind it is unchanged. Einsteins relativity amended Newtonian determinism, and was in turn amended by quantum mechanics. Einstein saw a harmonious advance in knowledge, and said, God does not play dice; but Stephen Hawking later saw a radical departure, and said, God is a gambler.

This author, a deep student of philosophy with a moderate background of science, sees in these conflicting conclusions the inevitable distortion when the relative is projected on to the Absolute. Therefore he says, Do not worry about God. He is not a visiting player like you and me, But the absolute owner of the casino. When He plays, His left hand picks up what His right hand loses. His status remains unaltered. We had better be looking out for ourselves. The serious point made is that the Absolute includes and exceeds the time-space-causation frame of relativity and these.

The limitations must be clearly understood.

Time of physics is enough to study kinetic processes but not to locate the creative potential. That requires time of our conscious awareness. But bio-science mistakes consciousness to be a product of brain-cells. In truth, Consciousness is the energy, and brain is the equipment through which it manifests.

Thus TIME is the Achilles heel of physics, and MIND is the Achilles heel of biology. The name of Reality is Total Consciousness. It is eternal. Death was never born, and life never died.