ISBN 9788121510851,The Divine Songs Of Sage Poet Ramprasad

The Divine Songs Of Sage Poet Ramprasad



Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9788121510851

ISBN-10 8121510856

Hard Back

Number of Pages 299 Pages
Language (English)


Ramprasad Sen was bornin the second decade of the eighteenth century in Halishahar in (then) Bengal.He was a great saint in Shakta cult. But, he was also a natural poet andcomposer. The songs presented in this book are hymns to Goddess Mother Kali couched in rustic words andsymbols of everyday life. Yet, most of this symbolism is a rare mosaic ofthe occult mystery of Tantra shastra and carry a double meaning. Thus, flyingkites, the blind kites, the blind ox trudging routine endless circles of thevillage oil-machine (ghaani), the small town courtroom, the sailing craft oflife - are all symbols of the highest mystic Shakta worship of Goddess Durga orKali (Mahashakti). The English rendering aims to echo the nuances of theoriginal in its threefold uniqueness: simplicity and rustic symbols, their inner spiritual mystique, andmuse and rhymes. This book will treat the English speaking world to a taste ofrare Indian songs and poetry.