ISBN 9780745332246,The Economics Of Killing

The Economics Of Killing


Vijay Mehta


Pluto Press



Pluto Press

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9780745332246

ISBN-10 0745332242


Number of Pages 216 Pages
Language (English)

Business & management

Acknowledgement, Foreword, Introduction, Part I Military Industrial Complex Power, Myths, Facts and Figures, 1. How the West's Addiction to Arms Sales Caused the 2008 Structural Financial Crisis, 2. What is the Military Industrial Complex?, 3. The Culture of Militarism and Global North's Power of Definition, 4. Europe and the Remaking of the Middle East, Part II Military Spending and Its Ill Effects, 5. Negative Effects of Conflicts on Global, Human Security, Refugees, Forced Migrations and Urbanisation, 6. War and its Ill Effects on Health, Environment and Development, Part III The Folly of Chronic Wars For Profit, Resources and Domination More Weapons More Wars More Profits, 7. Terrorism and Non-State Actors, and How to Make Them Stop, 8. China's Periphery The Military-Industrial Mess That Could Destroy a Bright Future, 9. The Emerging Conflicts Other Future Fault-lines of the World, Part IV A New Vision, A New Beginning In A New Millennium A Practical Way Of Reducing Arms, Armies And Wars For The Survival Of Humanity, 10. Averting Disaster What Type of Global Security Architecture Fits in Today's World?, 11. Replacing Military Industrial Complex Making the 21st Century the Century of Soft Power, Epilogue: The Path Ahead, Notes, Index.