ISBN 9781482849127,The Elementals: The Beginning & the End

The Elementals: The Beginning & the End



Partridge India

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9781482849127

ISBN-10 1482849127


Number of Pages 212 Pages
Language (English)
Earth, air, fire, water - who said that was all? With the twelve elements of nature under her control, Eleanor Paula is thrust into a world of magic. But trouble is brewing and Ella is the key to the Elementals victory. As the leaders of the Elementals are taken by powerful enemies, Ella needs to take the mantle of leader, overcome her inexperience, and lead the Light to victory.
Will the Elementals be safe? Will victory be theirs? After a particularly vicious strike by their Dark enemies, Ella and Stren Majier, her newfound friend and ally, continue the war against the dark. Will Strens strange gift help them in the war? Or will the war extend, as it had over the centuries?