ISBN 9781405103749,The Evaluation and Treatment of Syncope: A Handbook for Clinical Practice

The Evaluation and Treatment of Syncope: A Handbook for Clinical Practice




Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9781405103749

ISBN-10 1405103744


Number of Pages 248 Pages
Language (English)

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This volume is based on the ESC Guidelines on the Management (Diagnosis and Treatment) of Syncope and provides specific recommendations for the diagnosis and treatment of syncope. It covers the most important clinical aspects related to the evaluation and treatment of patients with this condition:

What are the diagnostic criteria for causes of syncope?
What is the preferred approach to the diagnostic work-up in various sub-groups of patients with syncope?
How should patients with syncope be risk stratified?
When should patients with syncope be hospitalised?
Which treatments are likely to be effective in preventing syncope recurrences?

Information is presented in a succinct style for practising physicians who encounter patients with syncope. It is also of particular value to practitioners in emergency medicine, primary care, internal medicine, neurology and pediatrics.

The ESC Education Series
This book is part of the ESC Education Series. The series is designed to provide medical professionals with the latest information about the understanding, diagnosis and management of cardiovascular diseases. Where available, management recommendations are based on the established European Guidelines, which encompass the best techniques to use with each cardiac disease. Throughout the series, the leading international opinion leaders have been chosen to edit and contribute to the books. The information is presented in a succinct and accessible format with a clinical focus.